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Installing a Parking Pad Adds Extra Spaces

Parking pads create a durable, level and flat surface. They are an ideal way to create an extra parking place for your guests, an extra car, boat trailer or RV. J&A Services, a concrete contractor in Towson, can expertly install a new, customized parking pad for you.

A Parking Pad is a Great Addition to your Home

Not only will you have a permanent extra parking spot, but it will add character to your home. Your car will be off of the street and in its own designated area. Parking pads come in all styles. A variety of materials allow you to further personalize your parking pad with concrete, pavers, and more.

Materials Used for Parking Pads

Choose from concrete or pavers to create your unique parking pad. Concrete can be stained or tinted to match the colors of your home and you can use etching or stamping techniques for a unique look. It can mimic brick, natural stone, and cobblestone. Pervious concrete is eco-friendly, has a pebbled surface, reduces stormwater runoff and protects waterways from pollution.

Stamping concrete is cost-effective and is easily applied as it is pumped or poured into place. Choose from a variety of designs and patterns. Add a paver or stone border to coordinate with the patterns to express your style. For more greenery, place concrete only where your car will be parked and allow the rest of the space to be grass.

Pavers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials as well. Create anything from a rustic look to a classic, timeless appearance. Choose the herringbone pattern to make it stand out in an elegant way. Or, opt for a basketweave pattern by alternating two pavers horizontally and vertically as you go.

J&A Services: Concrete Contractor in Towson

Ready to install a parking pad? J&A Services, a concrete contractor in Towson, can expertly install your dream parking pad.

We also offer a wide range of services such as landscaping services, paver patio installation, masonry repair, power washing, and gutter clean-ups. For more information or a free estimate, contact us!

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