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Ideas for Your Bluestone Walkway

If your home’s walkway looks worn or poses a safety hazard to your family, now is a great time for a repair the damages or put in a replacement. If you are looking for a top masonry company in Howard County, discover J&A Services. We are a construction and masonry company with over 20 years of experience working with bricks, pavers, concrete and stonework. If you want to replace your old walkway with bluestone, look no further.

Beautiful Bluestone Shapes and Patterns

For thousands of years people have used stone to construct global wonders such as temples, castles, and estates. However, no stone surpasses the bluestone. Bluestone is a term that refers to sedimentary rocks whose color varies from blue to gray. These rocks are not only attractive but also durable, so you can be confident that they’ll last for many years.

At J&A Services we do not just lay the bluestone walkway; we pride ourselves in creating masterpieces in terms of shapes and patterns. We can create pathways with a diamond set, full color, and sailor patterns as well as chevron shapes.

Moreover, our masons are experts in arranging natural cleft stones to highlight the beauty of the variations in their appearance and color. Additionally, we can fine-tune the edges with a brick or granite finish.

Spruce Up Your Garden

Whether you want an elegant pathway to your garden area or to create a patio where you can wine and dine while enjoying nature, you can count on us to deliver top-notch services. Our team can design and lay bluestone stepping stones in your garden spaced to allow grass or sand to spring up between the stones. This method will create a more natural landscape.

For flower lovers, our professional landscapers can plant flowers between the cracks of the walkway and lay down a watering system to keep them irrigated. Alternatively, you can choose to have bluestone steps incorporated with gravel on the side, and you’ll love the finished look.

Reliable Masonry Company in Howard County

Our team is competent in delivering a wide range of services from the creation and repair of bluestone walkways, patios, and porches to handling chimney, fire pit, and brickwork repairs. If you need a masonry company in Howard County for your renovation needs, contact J&A services today and let’s discuss your project!

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