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How to Decide on the Best Fencing Material for Your Yard

Fences are a crucial component of residences as they shield the home from outsiders and keep pets and kids inside. Besides that, they play a role in enhancing the exterior aesthetics. When selecting a fence for your property, you’ll have multiple materials at your disposal. Your friendly construction company in Edgewater brings you a guide on choosing fencing material.

The Options

Every fencing material has its advantages and disadvantages. There’s so much to think about, from durability to maintenance to aesthetics to cost. Here are some fencing materials in detail, with their pros and cons.


It’s the most common fencing material, partly due to its cost-friendly nature compared to other fencing materials. Wood fences like redwood, cedar, and teak are popular due to their durability and longevity. These fences can last between 15 and 20 years with proper maintenance. However, they may ultimately rot.


Aluminum, chain link, and wrought iron are some popular metal fences. While they’re relatively inexpensive and pretty durable with care, they come with a design element that could be suitable or not for your home. A chain-link fence, for example, will only work for casual yards. On the other hand, wrought iron could bring a stately feel but may require painting and scraping to keep wear and tear at bay.


The material comprises wood fibers and plastic, with a more woody appearance and plastic durability. It’s bug resistant and doesn’t rot or warp as much as wood. Composite fences are an environmentally friendly option as they come from recyclable materials. You can choose to install it vertically to get a traditional look or horizontally for a more contemporary feel.

PVC — Polyvinyl Chloride

If cost reduction is your goal, PVC fencing will do the trick. PVC fences are affordable since you’ll need little or no wood during construction. Moreover, its resistance to breakage and durability contribute to its cost-friendliness.


Here comes the best of the best in matters of fencing. It’s no wonder the high cost! Vinyl material is more durable and flexible than wood, is rigid and resilient, and doesn’t warp, rot, or shrink over a long time. Vinyl is also maintenance-free and easy to clean. This fence can last you up to 30 years.


These fences include walls of concrete, block, stucco, stone, or brick. They are a very durable fencing option that can last a century. Although pricey like their vinyl counterparts, the investment will be worth it due to their long-lasting nature. Consider masonry-style fencing if you’ve got a stately or classic home. However, you’ll need professional installation due to their complex nature.

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