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How to Clean Bluestone

Did you know that many homeowners prefer having a concrete or bluestone patio over a deck? Planning to have one built for you will be one of the best decisions you’ll make. Uniqueness, durability, ease of maintenance, and lovely texture are the benefits of having a bluestone patio over a deck. So, if you are considering building a bluestone patio, or if you already have one, you likely want to know how to clean and maintain it. This article discusses more on how to clean bluestone easily and effectively.

Wondering How to Clean Bluestone?

Remove loose dirt, leaves, and debris.

The first step in bluestone cleaning is the removal of dirt, leaves, and debris. The dirt can be mulched, or blown, bagged, raked, and composted, and used for your garden or recycled. You can remove these specks of dirt yourself, or hire a cleaning company.

Pull weeds germinating in the paver joints.

Weed can grow in the spaces between paving stones. This is a result of poor patio installation. However, even in a well-installed bluestone patio, seeds can fall into the dirt and debris, germinate and grow into weeds. During cleaning, you need to remove the weeds. You can pull the weeds by hand, use chemicals, hot water, or pressure wash to remove the weeds.

Clean bluestone with proper solution.

It will help if you wet the floor to saturate the sand without floating the polymers. The use of well-diluted and recommended chemicals will help break the sticky bonds that hold oily soils to floors and make them easy to clean. To determine the best chemical concentration and wetting equipment, you need to hire an expert who has more information on how to clean bluestone.

Use brush to scrub, or carefully use a pressure washer.

To get rid of the ugly marks, stains, and streaks on your structure, you need to scrub the floor with a brush or use a pressure washer machine. The procedure should be done in repeated small sections to keep track of your cleaning pattern. Pressure washing and scrubbing will ensure your building maintains a welcoming and professional look. The recommendation is to hire a cleaning expert to do the job and avoid the machines’ buying and maintenance costs.

Allow the area to air dry.

Allow the floor to air dry to prevent streaks and water spots and avoid water damage to the floor. Water can get into the cracks causing swelling, adhesive bond failure, and mold growth.

Considering a New Patio?

Having read the above article, you realize the benefits of having bluestone patios and how to clean bluestone effectively. To maintain its quality, you need to do effective and safe patio cleaning to remove leaves, pollen, and rust stains. With all this info in mind, you can contact J&A Services if you are ready to move forward with a new patio construction, or if you have any issues with your patios.

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