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How Often Should Buildings Get Masonry Maintenance?

Whether it’s your home or your business, if your building has a masonry (brick) exterior, you might not know how often you need maintenance performed. That’s where a professional masonry company in Timonium comes in.

All About Masonry Maintenance

What kind of maintenance do I need?

While your maintenance needs may vary slightly from the norm depending on the material used, it’s recommended to have at least a yearly inspection done.

What do they look for in an inspection?

During an inspection, a qualified professional will assess your building for a variety of issues, like water damage and plant or mold growth. They’ll also be looking for any damaged, cracked, or chipped bricks or stone.

What causes water damage?

For masonry exteriors, there are two main causes of water damage: rising damp and splashback. Rising damp describes the process by which brick or other porous building material soaks up standing water. Splashback refers to rainwater that has beat its way into cracks and crevices of a porous material. Depending on both the extent and the type of damage, your contractor will suggest the best way to proceed. This can range from replacing heavily damaged bricks, to tuckpointing worn-out mortar seals.

What happens if I don’t follow a proper maintenance schedule?

If you fail to have your property inspected regularly, you could end up with a far more costly bill down the line. Whether the brick itself or its joint is damaged, when one piece falters, the others have to pick up the slack. This hastens deterioration in the surrounding joints and bricks.

Can I do anything to help maintain my building?

While the majority of fixes should be left up to a professional, regularly cleaning the exterior once a year helps remove built-up dirt and debris. For mold or mildew spots, use a 1:16 solution of bleach and water to help kill these harmful organisms.

Where do I find a good masonry company in Timonium?

If you’re looking for an experienced masonry company in Timonium, then J&A Services has you covered. With over 20 years of experience providing a quality service, J&A Services is dedicated to providing high-quality service that meets or succeeds your expectations.

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