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How Do You Know it’s Time for Brick Repointing?

Brick repointing is a necessary repair for any type of brick masonry. Weathering and decay occur over time which cause voids in the joints between bricks. Water enters through those voids, causing damage. When the water freezes it can cause additional damage by cracking the bricks and mortar. This can create the need for brick repointing.

When is it Time for Repointing?

You’ll know when it’s time for brick repointing when the depth of your mortar matches the height of the filling. Don’t wait until your mortar starts cracking or breaking off, which could cause additional damage. If repointing is done right, it should last for a long time!

Can You Do Brick Repointing Yourself?

Brick repointing is not a do-it-yourself project – it needs to be done by a professional for reasons of quality and safety. Your brick and mortar makeup needs to be analyzed. The ratio of lime to sand in the new mortar needs to match your original mortar and brick. If not matched correctly, then the cracking of both mortar and brick could occur. If prior brick repointing repairs were done using masonry cement, then it must be removed along with the old mortar, as masonry cement is hard and doesn’t weather well.

How Is Repointing Accomplished?

Removal of old mortar is done by hand using a masonry chisel and hammer, so it’s a tedious process. It must be done this way to avoid damage to the brick. If you try to patch new mortar over old, then you’ll be throwing your money away because it makes a weak connection.

It’s best to do brick repointing as soon as weathering is noticed because it will prevent the need for additional repairs. If not done when needed, long cracks in bricks can occur, often around window frames, and pieces of brick can break off.

Who Can Do Brick Repointing?

Only experienced masonry experts know how to analyze your bricks and mortar to determine your exact needs. In the Baltimore area, J&A Services is the preferred masonry contractor with over 20 years of masonry experience. J&A is family-owned and operated – we believe hard work and quality come first. We’re also able to service your construction and landscaping needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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