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How a Round Deck Brings Beauty to Your Home

Given the current global health situation, it is likely that people will continue to congregate outdoors for quite some time. Not to mention, outdoor dining with family and friends will never go out of style. Consequently, many are considering adding a deck to their home to spruce up their backyard for entertaining. If you are looking for a construction company in Glen Burnie, reach out to J&A Services. We expertly build decks, install patios and landscape beautiful properties all over Anne Arundel County. Read on to learn more!

Exploring Unique Deck Designs

When you think about a deck, usually a rectangular or square shape comes to mind. However, many shapes and sizes are available to best fit your space. Let’s look at a round deck as a great way to highlight your outdoor space while providing seating and function.

Curved Decks Are Versatile
One of the best reasons to consider a round deck is because of how versatile it is. A deck is great for game nights, social events, outdoor BBQs, and simply unwinding at the end of the day. In addition, a curved deck can easily fit in other amenities such as a hot tub or fire pit allowing you to easily add to the appeal of your backyard oasis. A lot of people even consider adding a functioning kitchen to their curved deck to extend their home and make entertaining simpler.

Extra Seating
Curved decks offer instant, stylish seating. Oftentimes, a round bench is worked into the rail of the curved deck creating instant seating. Larger decks in smaller yards can feature a trellis design with built-in benches forming a natural fence between the yard and the neighbors. Even if you choose to skip formal seating, raised curved edging can replicate other landscaping planters in the yard and create informal seating areas.

Extra Flair
Round decks can also be an excellent way to create a dramatic architectural effect in tight spaces. Many people lift their deck up to the second level and build into the air using a round shape to overlook tight spots or drop-offs. Extras like octagonal edging or spiral staircases make the designs even more attractive. Believe it or not, just about every house has open air space for a deck with the right vision.

Choose a Reliable Construction Company in Glen Burnie

Ready to turn your backyard into a work of art? J&A Services is ready to help lay the foundation. We are premier construction company and we also do quality concrete and masonry work. Contact J&A Services for your free estimate today.

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