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Fresh Ideas for Your New Deck

Adding a new outdoor living space is a great idea. Not only does it provide a nice place to relax, but it increases the value of your home. Interested in a new deck? Opt for professional installation from J&A Services. We are a top construction company in Odenton, and we serve customers across the area.

Ideas to Make Your Deck a Special Area

Adding a few “extras” to your deck makes all the difference. Spruce up the area by placing your favorite succulents, herbs, and flowers in pretty pots. Choose plants of varying heights and mix up the colors of the containers. Additionally, use hanging baskets to add more bright flower.

If you want to add privacy to the deck, use a wood-slat screen. This separation lets you to divide the deck in a stylish way while also allowing the space to be open to the natural surroundings. If you have an expansive yard and you find it difficult to get the garden, deck, and other structures to work together, incorporate transitions like plants and patio pavers. They’ll connect the elements in a visually appealing way.

Don’t have a huge space for your deck? That’s fine! You can create the illusion of space with a multi-level deck. Or, paint can do wonders. Use the same color or a similar shade of the inside of your home. It makes the deck seem like a cohesive expansion of your living space. Discover the endless possibilities for making your outdoor space unique.

Looking for a Construction Company Odenton?

J&A Services is a construction company in Odenton and we can work with you to create the perfect deck for your home. We are family-owned and operated contractor serving the area with 20 years of experience in masonry, concrete, construction, and pavers. We also have landscaping expertise. Our services include concrete steps and basement floors, paver driveways and walkways, bluestone porches, brick retaining walls, gutter clean-up, and much more! For more information or for a free estimate, click here!

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