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Expertly Installed Concrete Walkways

If the walkway to your home is cracked, uneven or falling apart, it is unattractive and may even result in trips or falls. On the other hand, a freshly poured concrete walkway increases the beauty and curb appeal of your home while ensuring safety. If you’re in need of a new concrete walkway, discover J&A Services. We are a concrete company in Savage and service customers all over Howard County.

Concrete Walkway Designs and Patterns

Whether you’d prefer a new design or traditional style, versatile concrete is the material of choice for today’s walkways. Concrete offers plenty of patterns, colors and designs to choose from. Let your personal style shine through in your new walkway. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Earth-tone textures and colors give a rustic and antique look. Colors like off-white to brown, or medium light yellow to medium orange will all give a natural look to your walkway.


Stamping patterns in new concrete that mimic stone, slate or brick textures offers a classic look. Plus, colors like brick red or grays are available for this timeless, preferred style.


Concrete is smooth and a sleek, modern walkway offers a contemporary look to your home. Consider a design with diamond or rectangular-shaped patterns. Black, light gray, kiwi green, and crisp white colors five a sophisticated look.

Old World

This design replicates a Tuscan and Mediterranean style with distressed finishes and textures. Look at colors like dark brown with red undertones, mustard yellow or light green to use for this style. Small tiles can take the Old World look even further.

Concrete Company in Savage

Just like homes, walkways come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, concrete is flexible enough to satisfy the tastes and budgets of people all over the area. AT J&A Services we proudly serve Savage, Columbia and Ellicott City. With over 20 years of experience in concrete, masonry, pavers, and construction we are here to help make your home looks its best. Contact J&A Services today for a free estimate!

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