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Enjoying Your new Hot Tub Starts with…Concrete!

You want to shop for a new hot tub and you’re dreaming about that first relaxing soak. Have you decided where you’ll install the hot tub once you get it home? A strong, level base ensures years of enjoyment. Reach out to J&A Services, we’d love to pour a new, solid concrete slab for your new hot tub! We are a concrete contractor in Owings Mills and serve customers all over the area.

A Solid Foundation is Critical

Like most things, a good foundation is vitally important for your hot tub. There are several options including gravel, pavers, or a deck. Each is a reasonable solution. But keep in mind you want your hot tub on a strong surface that won’t become unstable when it gets wet. That brings us to the benefits of a concrete base for your hot tub.

Concrete is amazingly durable. It will last for years, decades if you take care of it. More importantly, concrete will keep your hot tub stable. The average four-person hot tub holds 400 gallons of water; the average six-person hot tub holds up to 500 gallons. The water weight alone on your hot tub’s foundation will range from 3,336 to 4,170 pounds! That’s over a ton and a half to two tons. That amount of weight may shift on any type of foundation other than concrete.

Another benefit of concrete is aesthetics. You can have the concrete colored to match or accent the color of your hot tub. The concrete base can be made to provide safe, clean access to your hot tub.

Talk with a Concrete Contractor in Owings Mills

Have a conversation with the professionals at J&A Services once you have a location in mind for your hot tub. We will make certain you are installing it in the best place. When you need a concrete contractor in Owings Mills, contact us today! The experts at J&A Services also provide masonry, construction and landscaping services.

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