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Elevate Your Outdoor Space with a New Deck

Your backyard is an ideal space to gather and relax with friends and family, but it could be more comfortable. If you prize outdoor entertaining, consider building a new deck. A new deck can maximize space, beautify your yard, make you more comfortable and increase your property value. J&A Services, LLC is a construction company in Owings Mills that can help you with creating the perfect deck for your home.

The Benefits of a Deck Built by a Construction Company in Owings Mills

Added Space for Entertaining or Relaxing

You may not be able to use some of your backyard due to landscape or terrain, so a new deck is a fantastic way to increase the amount of space you have for entertaining. A deck is the perfect area to arrange patio furniture and grills. Your new deck will provide ample space for dining, play and relaxation.

Ample Personalization and Opportunities to Decorate

One of the key benefits of a deck is personalization — you can choose the ideal materials for your deck and optimize it for your backyard. A custom deck fits the shape and feel of your backyard.

On top of size and shape you can also personalize your deck with a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, built-in furniture and other features, further increasing your ability to entertain guests.

Increased Property Value and Owner Happiness

A deck is one of the quickest and simplest ways to increase your property value. Any initial expense pays off handsomely in the future — in fact, decks usually provide a 106% return on value if you decide to sell your house.

In addition to increasing your home’s property value, a deck can increase your happiness with your home. A 2018 study ranked custom decks as one of the most fulfilling home improvement projects, with 84% of homeowners stating their new deck made them more comfortable in their home.

Contact J&A Services 

The best way to build your dream deck is to use a highly qualified contractor. Take the guesswork out of it and contact J&A Services, a construction company in Owings Mills, for high-quality deck and other construction services

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