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Do you know the Benefits of a Concrete Driveway?

A concrete driveway is attractive and has many benefits. Here’s why a Concrete Contractor in Columbia highly recommends that you install concrete slabs on your driveway pavement.

1. You get value for money.

A concrete driveway is long-lasting and can serve you for ages. And it’s ideal for installing on large areas of pavement. Although asphalt is also suitable, it has a higher maintenance cost as the bitumen that binds the aggregates is prone to melting under intense heat.

A concrete pavement, on the other hand, is a more stable solution for your driveway. Still, it has to be installed by a professional concrete contractor in Columbia for a good and solid foundation.

2. Maintenance is Easy with Our Concrete Contractor in Columbia.

Once in a while, you will need to perform maintenance on your concrete driveway for longevity. And such care includes cleaning a pressured wash and brushing with a broom. Another way is to use a concrete sealer once a year to water-proof it and de-icing chemicals to prevent water damage.

3. A Concrete Driveway Has a Better Load-Bearing Capacity.

Even though concrete cannot withstand impact shocks, it’s a non-flexible material, able to handle more loads than asphalt. And a thin or poor-quality asphalt layer deforms easily, especially under intense loads in the hot sun.

4. Concrete is Environmentally Friendly.

Once concrete sets, it stops reacting and is stubborn to stains, acids, and liquids; this translates to zero emissions to the environment. On the other hand, processing bitumen and tar (the black liquid that carpets the asphalt) releases carbon emissions and contributes to environmental degradation. Concrete is the ideal alternative for your driveway.

5. Concrete is Highly Customizable, With Attractive Finishes.

Your concrete driveway doesn’t have to be plain grey, as there are plenty of pigment additives that can make it look more attractive. And you can opt for stamped concrete to make your pavement look expensive and stylish. Let us help you choose the best designs to match your driveway and upscale the curb appeal.

You can choose among decorative finishes that include stamped concrete with an embossed pattern, aggregate concrete that looks gravely and rough, or concrete pavers with good drainage to offset freeze and thaw effects during winter.

6. You Can Sell Your Real Estate Much Faster.

A concrete driveway makes an instant statement and a great first impression. And homebuyers prefer homes with such a driveway. Let our concrete contractors in Columbia help you to raise your home’s value today.

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