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Distinguishing Between Masonry Repair and Restoration

If you own a residential or commercial property, there’s a high chance some part of it utilized masonry (such as a brick exterior). Masonry is the method of using cement mortar to hold bricks or stones together. Though it’s extremely durable, it experiences wear and tears like everything else. If you notice the masonry showing signs of aging and breaking down, it’s time to have it restored or repaired. If you’re unsure of the difference, keep reading to find out. And if you need a masonry company to expertly complete the job, rely on the professionals at J&A Services.

The Difference Between Masonry Repair and Masonry Restoration

Masonry repair is the process of patching gaps in the building’s mortar as well as replacing older bricks that lost their structural integrity. Usually, stone repair includes patching or repairing stones and turning old stones into newer versions of themselves. Essentially, masonry repairs are completed by replacing stone, mortar, and brick in certain areas. The professionals will match the new material to the old material so there won’t be a difference in appearance.

Masonry restoration is a much bigger project than masonry repairs. Usually, it requires the entire building to be restored. This is because though repairs and maintenance extend the life of masonry, after some time, it won’t be possible. The building must be restored to improve its appearance and structural integrity. Masonry restoration is commonly used on historical buildings to preserve them for generations, but it’s also used on regular buildings to enhance curb appeal and value. It requires removing worn-out materials and replacing them with new materials that mimic the original. J&A Services, an experienced masonry company, has the tools and experience to expertly repair your building.

Looking for a Masonry Company for Repairs or Restoration?

You’ve found one in J&A Services! We’re a licensed and insured contractor company with 20 years of experience in concrete, masonry, pavers, and construction, and eight years of experience in landscaping. Our services include concrete driveways, paver walkways, bluestone patios, leaf cleanup, and firepits. For more information about our services or for a free estimate, contact us today!

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