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Discover Variety of Patterns for A New Brick Walkway

The path that leads to your home is probably the first thing a visitor will notice. So why not make it appealing and leave people in awe? Homeowners can consider brick choices and patterns for paths and walkways. The job requires attention to detail, patience, heavy labor, and specialized tools that a professional can deliver. Therefore, for the best experience and outcome, you should contact masonry experts for the project. J&A Services are a seasoned masonry company in Glen Burnie and we are here to increase the beauty and curb appeal of your home with a new brick walkway.

Brick Walkways Offer Endless Options

Homeowners can discover a wide range of patterns that we can install for a new brick walkway. But first, you need to know that bricks come in various types, including pavers and wall and face bricks. It is vital to choose the correct type of brick to ensure that you get the result you envision and the walkway to match your home’s aesthetic. In the same vein, your brick layout pattern will play a key role in enhancing your home’s look. Some of the options you can choose from include:

  • Basketweave where bricks alternate, creating a woven appearance
  • Diagonal basketweave that involves turning the squares of a basket weave 45 degrees
  • Running bond whereby the brick joint falls in the middle of the adjacent brick on the next row
  • A diagonal pattern that you can achieve by turning the running bond on a 45-degree angle
  • Spanish bond in which four outer bricks join to form a square that encloses a half brick
  • Herringbone: a zigzag pattern that can adopt a slight curve

Today’s modern bricks provide an opportunity to keep up with styles and trends. Some of the options include:

  • Bricks in shades of grey. This color complements the garden’s green, with dark grey having a moody tone and light grey portraying a contemporary feel.
  • Bigger walkways. You might attribute the move for wider walkways to people not wanting to spend a lot of time mowing lawns.
  • Individualism. People are embracing the concept of customizing items, and brick walkways are no exception.
  • Neighborhood architecture. This includes matching your walkway to the fabric of the neighborhood story.

Contact a Top Masonry Company in Glen Burnie

To end up with an appealing brick walkway, you ought to seek professional installation. Use the professionals at J&A Services and leverage our years of experience. You’ll be glad you did, just like our many happy customers. Contact us today for a free estimate, and we’ll be ready to serve you.

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