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Discover the Benefits of a Multi-Level Deck

A multi-level deck features many benefits for your home. Your living space immediately becomes more aesthetically appealing and your home value rises. Importantly, a multi-level deck improves your quality of life as it encourages spending time outdoors with family and friends. Create an outdoor space that blends an attractive multi-level deck with the natural environment. When you want to improve your home value and quality of life, reach out to J&A Services. We are a construction company in Timonium and perform quality work all over the Baltimore area.

Great Features of a Multi-Level Deck

A multi-level deck is simply a deck that is constructed with several layers. The layering of decks provides an array of homeowner benefits, including:

  • Space maximization
  • Improved outdoor entertainment option
  • Personalized, elegant outdoor living space
  • Streamlined construction
  • Creating focal points on your property
  • Enhancing views and providing shade

Ideas to Maximize Space and Highlight Geography

Planning is vital when homeowners wish to maximize space and use existing property geography to their advantage. Consider the available space and decide whether a 2, 3, or more deck layers will suit your needs. Determine whether a large entertainment area is required for family or guests, or whether a private nook area is preferred.

Some homeowners will opt to focus on a sunbathing area or want separate deck areas for adults and children to enjoy. At J&A Services we work with the current landscape to create an inviting outdoor space. Let us know your vision for the deck and we’ll make it happen.

Looking for a Construction Company in Timonium?

The pros at J&A Services are proficient at designing and installing wood and Trex decks. We aim to harmonize the new design with existing geography to create multi-level decks that are beautiful and functional. Take advantage of our expert landscaping services to complement your new deck.

Additionally, we offer masonry services, paver patio installation and power washing services for patios, walls, driveways, and porches. Boost your property value and quality of life with a new multi-level deck! Contact us today for a free estimate.


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