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Discover the Beauty of Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can go beyond the basement and garage. When installed correctly by a professional concrete contractor, a concrete floor lasts for years. You can also make it beautiful with some treatments. If you need a concrete contractor in Timonium, discover the experts at J&A Services!

The Pros of Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are durable, easy to maintain, relatively inexpensive, and offer design flexibility. Concrete floors are extremely durable and strong. When properly installed, they can last for as long as you own the house. Since they’re so durable, pet claws, furniture legs, and walking on the floors with high heels will not leave any scratches. If you drop an item, you won’t have to worry about it leaving a mark. To maintain the floor all you have to do is seal or wax it in order to maintain the protective layer. For general cleaning, you can mop the floor with a neutral cleaning agent. Aesthetic wise, concrete floors look best in modern or industrial style homes. You may not know it, but they make some of the most colorful and elegant floors. When it comes to design, you can lay them out with geometric divisions, airbrush them, or use an overlay technique.

Surface Treatments for Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can be colored in many ways. One way is through acid-staining. This technique is achieved by mixing hydrochloric and phosphoric acid with salts. Then it’s applied to a hardened and cured concrete slab. While the salts create a chemical reaction and add discoloration on the floor’s surface, the acid opens the pores of the concrete. This creates a three-dimensional look and depending on the colors you use, can hide stains. You can also stain and polish concrete floors. This technique can create a mirror-like or high-gloss finish.

Need a Concrete Contractor in Timonium?

If you need an expert concrete contractor in Timonium, call on J&A Services! We have many years of experience in concrete, pavers, masonry, construction and landscaping. We offer services such as mulching, stump grinding, leaf clean up, paver driveways, concrete steps, and more. Click here for a free estimate!

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