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Designing Beautiful Paver Patio Edging

These days, everyone is spending extra time outdoors on their patio. If you don’t have one, the idea of creating an outdoor oasis where you can safely entertain friends and family may be appealing. However, any expert will tell you that there is more to creating a patio than just laying pavers. You need to properly level, lay, glue, and edge your paver patio in order for it to be durable and safe. If you are looking for a paver patio contractor in Bowie, J&A Services is here to help. Read on to learn more!

Why Bother Edging a Patio?

Installing a paver patio is a lot more complicated than it looks. Just getting the ground level enough that pavers won’t pop up is a challenge. Edging the patio perfectly and evenly is an entirely different challenge. Edging is vital because not only does it add aesthetic beauty, but they also help increase the durability of your patio. Without proper edging, the pavers on the edge of your patio can easily be dislodged which can slowly cause the entire patio to fall into disarray. Sinking, leaning, and widely spaced paver joints are frequent signs that edging was not properly installed.

What Type of Patio Edging Can I Use?

The good news is that an expert paver patio contractor prevents problems by laying some beautiful edging. When it comes to edging you have several choices to work with depending on the type of paver stone you choose for the patio floor. If your patio crosses near landscaping, you may consider creating a small retaining wall to raise the garden and enhance the beauty. This can also create natural seating outdoors.

You might also consider using multiple colored pavers for the edging to really accent your patio and create a unique finish. Creating a landscaped garden in the middle of your patio in irregular shapes is also very trendy right now. This is known as a biophilic outdoor design and is a great way to incorporate landscaping with your patio design.

Consult with a Paver Patio Contractor in Bowie

Wondering if some of these ideas could be used within your existing or new paver patio? Consult J&A Services when you need a paver patio contractor in Bowie. Additionally, we serve customers all over the Baltimore and Washington DC areas. Count on our years of experience and let us create the patio of your dreams. J&A Services is Maryland’s premier paver patio contractor and we would be happy to create an outdoor space for you. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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