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Designing a Circle Pattern Paver Patio

Many barbecue aficionados understand how important patios are, especially in the heat of the summer. They offer a great space to socialize with friends or family around the fire, barbecue pit, or even a built-in gas grill. And, for those in the Baltimore and Annapolis area looking for an experienced paver patio contractor in Pasadena, J&A Services builds the perfect place for outdoor gatherings.

Paver Pattern Designs

There are several pattern-types to consider when thinking about paver patio designs. They can be incorporated together to create more interesting patterns, and paver patios can add something special to any home.

Here are some of the more common designs:

  • Circular: works well when combined with other patterns, breaking up and complementing larger spaces.
  • Herringbone: used in outdoor entertainment areas, it’s known for strength and durability, creating visual effects that add character to outdoor spaces.
  • Basket Weave: an eye-catching and durable pattern that comes from English landscape design, alternating between vertical and horizontal pairs.
  • European Fan: as per its name it’s popular in Europe, though challenging to lay it creates beautiful patterns.
  • Running Bond: the most common pattern today, as it’s easy to install and involves little wasted space.

Creating the Perfect Sitting Space

When designing a patio, circular designs easily combine with other layouts. When mixed with herringbone, basket weave, and running bond designs the circular paver design creates truly interesting arrangements. A circle created from pavers complements round outdoor tables. Additionally, use one to enclose a fire pit. The shape breaks up large spaces and creates the perfect space where people can gather.

The circle doesn’t even need to be complete, as half or even quarter-circles make visually appealing designs. Designers use curves and partial circles along with colored pavers to create truly unique shapes. Adding ornate configurations at the center of a circle draws in the eye. Plus, walls that act as a circular bench also make for an attractive outdoor area.

Paver Patio Contractor in Pasadena

For any homeowner looking to make their backyards inviting and friendly for guests, discover J&A Services. We are an expert paver patio contractor in Pasadena servicing the Baltimore and Annapolis areas. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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