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Dealing with Bulging Bricks

Many homes in Cockeysville face bulging bricks, especially after the winter. Therefore, homeowners should hire a pro masonry company in Cockeysville to inspect the mortar joints of a stone or brick wall. This problem may damage the walls and is caused by water seeping through the wall’s mortar joints. When that water swells inside, it exerts pressure on the wall, making the bricks bulge. The problem can also be caused by the anchors’ corrosion that holds the walls together, making the walls loose. Read on to learn more!

Why is Bulging Brick a Problem?

Bulging brick could become very dangerous financially through property damage and might even result in death if the walls fall on a person. Repairing it might cost you as much as $30-$50 per square foot. Considering that the mason may have to remove the affected part, the cost may rise to hundreds or thousands. If you notice a bulge at the wall of your building, contact a masonry contractor immediately to have a safety perimeter installed and commence with the repair. But how can you notice the problem?

Signs it is Time to Call a Masonry Company in Cockeysville

There are several signs of being on the look to notice if you have a bulging brick issue. They include:

  • Unusual swelling, leaning, or bowing on the exterior stone or brick wall
  • Doors not closing or opening properly
  • Windows that aren’t level and seem higher than usual

If you notice any of the signs above, it is time to contact a mason to inspect and repair your wall. Since the problem typically arises after winter, call a professional mason to inspect your façade’s appearance. If the issue isn’t addressed on time, the entire wall structure may collapse, injuring anyone below it. This could result in high repair and replacement expenses and, in some cases, medical bills.

Preventing Bulging Bricks

Keeping the mortar intact is an essential part of maintaining any brick wall. The joints between the mortar and brick may allow the penetration of water. Regular maintenance of the old bricks includes frequently reapplying new mortar and tuckpointing the joints.

Get in Touch with a Professional Masonry Company in Cockeysville

There isn’t an ideal and simple way of dealing with bulging bricks besides enlisting professional help from a masonry company in Cockeysville. At J&A Services, we are always here to help. We have the expertise, knowledge, and trained staff to handle any wall repair, including the repair of bulging bricks. So, if you suspect that you have this issue or notice any of the above signs, do not hesitate to contact us!

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