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Installing a Privacy Fence

Fences are a common feature, whether it is around a backyard, side yard, front yard, or the entire perimeter of a property. Keep reading to discover more about privacy fences and the designs and materials available. If you want more information about installing a fence, contact J&A Services, a local construction company in Harford County for a free estimate.

Top Reasons for a Fence

People install fences for many reasons beyond just adding to the aesthetic appeal of their homes. Popular reasons why people often install a privacy fence include:

Keeping Pets Safe

Many homeowners install fences to help keep furry family members safe and secure. Fences protect pets by preventing them from escaping. Additionally, a fenced in yard provides a safe area in which to play.

Keeping People and Animals Out

Imagine looking out the window only to see unfamiliar people in your yard. That is a frightening thought! Plus, if you live in an area with deer, keeping your garden and plants from being eaten is a top priority. Installing a fence secures your yard from trespassing people and animals.


A proper privacy fence blocks the view of your yard and patio from others. Enjoy the solitude of eating outside or a relax by a cozy fire pit with a fence surrounding you.

Variety of Designs and Materials

When it comes to building a fence for your home, there are a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from. We recommend that you match materials to the style of your house. For example, wooden picket fences are best for a traditionally styled home. Other options include:

  • Bamboo can either be used as a fence on its own or can be used to camouflage a metal fence.
  • Cinder blocks with wood on top to provide an appealing visual contrast.
  • Corrugated metal can be used to provide the illusion of stair steps as it follows a sloping ground.
  • Plants are a natural way to keep people out and to provide privacy.

Looking for a construction company in Harford County to build a new fence? J&A Services offers expert installation services. Additionally, we provide masonry services, design paver patios, and landscaping services. Contact J&A Services today for a free estimate.

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