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New Features to Update Your Master Bath

A master bathroom is where most people start and end their days. Why not make it a luxurious place to relax and unwind? If your current master bathroom is not an oasis, now is right time to consider an update. For anyone looking for a construction company in Edgewater to take on a master bath project, J&A Services has extensive experience with bathroom renovations. We provide expert construction services for customers all over Anne Arundel County and Baltimore County.

New Features for a Master Bath Renovation

Heated Bathroom Floors

Installing heated floors is a popular choice for home remodeling projects. Unfortunately, for most people, heated floors throughout the entire home is an outrageous expense. However, heated floors in the master bathroom are within budget. The bathroom floors can typically be the coldest in the entire home, but cozy, heated floors give a spa-like atmosphere to the master bath.

Sinks & Storage

His & Her sinks enhance everyone’s experience in the master bath. Rather than having all of your toiletries and bathroom necessities crowded around one sink, separate sinks provide more room and allows two people to get ready at once. Take this one step further by having separate storage cabinets for each sink. More storage for the bathrooms is a trend that’s popped back up in recent years. Storage ensures the bathroom always stays clutter-free and organized.

A Refreshing Approach to Showers

Technology is everywhere and is even being introduced into today’s bathrooms. One of the most luxurious examples is a high-tech shower that allow specific settings such as steam or a preferred temperature of the water.

It’s essential to consider the aesthetic of the shower as well. The current trend is showers with floor-to-ceiling glass. This modern, elegant look pairs well with any bathroom design. J&A Services, a construction company in Edgewater, has experience designing luxury bathrooms and installing all models of showers.

Construction Company in Edgewater: J&A Services

When searching for a construction company in Edgewater, or anywhere in Anne Arundel County, consider J&A Services first. We work with our clients to create their dream bathroom, within budgets of all sizes. Some other services we offer include construction, paver patios, masonry, concrete, and landscaping and all types of home renovation projects. Contact J&A Services today for a free estimate on any project.

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