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Considering A Paver Patio? Know the Pros and Cons

A paver patio is classic and beautiful, but people often have misconceptions about what it’s like to have one installed. Information can often get skewed, but you should know that there are plenty of significant pros to adding this type of patio to your home. Read on to find out if a paver patio is right for you. And, if you need a paver patio contractor in Harford County MD, rely on the professionals at J&A Services for expert installation.

The Pros of a Paver Patio

Paver patios are durable and long-lasting. This is because the pieces interlock, creating a flexible and strong pavement system. Since there are a lot of joints in the interlocking pavement, the pavers are resistant to cracking and breaking. They’re also better for varying climates and seasonal changes. The ground expands and contracts during the winter months because the moisture in the ground freezes and thaws. As this happens, the patio also moves which leads to cracks in weaker spots in materials such as concrete. But since paver patios are installed piece by piece and fit together there’s more room for them to flex and settle, therefore resulting in no cracks.

The Cons of a Paver Patio

Paver patios take longer to install than concrete patios, but you can walk on them immediately after installation. While paver patios take three to five days, concrete patios can be poured in a few hours and cure within one to three days. Paver patios take a longer time to install because they’re more in-depth. Dirt and grass have to be removed from the installation area, subsoil has to be leveled, gravel has to be added, bedding sand has to be installed, pavers have to be installed, edging has to be held in place, and joints need to be filled.

Looking for a Paver Patio Contractor in Harford County?

Discover J&A Services! We’re a licensed and insured contractor company with 20 years of experience in masonry, concrete, construction, and pavers and eight years of experience in landscaping. Our services include mulching, tree removal, paver driveways and walkways, power washing, brick repointing, and firepits. For more information about our services or for a free estimate, contact us today!

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