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Concrete Patios Can Last for Decades

The spring and summer months inspire a lot of people to spruce up their yards, and it is possible that you are eyeing your backyard and contemplating a deck or a patio. If you are, it may be useful to think about installing a concrete patio. While it is not as “famous” as a wooden deck, there are many benefits to installing a concrete patio.

How Does a Concrete Patio Differ from Other Patio Options?

The number-one way that a concrete patio differs from other patio options is its durability. Wooden decks and patios are known for rotting over the years, even if they are properly sealed and maintained. Stone and brick patios are known for weeds growing between slabs and eventually breaking up the patio. However, concrete is highly durable and can last for decades without any problems. Thus, if you are looking at making a home improvement that will last, a concrete patio is the way to do it.

Benefits of a Concrete Patio

Outside of being highly durable, concrete patios offer homeowners a lot of other great perks that make them worth consideration. First of all, they are very easy to maintain. All you have to do is grab a hose and spray your patio off to return it to a “brand-new” state. If there is more dirt than usual, then a little soap will do the trick.

They are also highly versatile, which means you can use concrete to create any look you like. A lot of people have their concrete stamped to resemble bricks or stained wood and can then enjoy the look of other building materials without any of the hassle associated with them. Concrete can be stamped, patterned, stenciled, or engraved, allowing you plenty of design options.

Finally, it is much more affordable compared to wooden decks, paving stones, or natural stone. The lower price tag and the higher lifespan combine to create a very enticing end result.

Best Time of Year to Install

The timing of concrete installation is based on temperature, so the climate of where you live will determine the best time of year to install your concrete patio. If the temperature and the humidity are high, then the concrete may not dry properly. However, if it is too cold, then the concrete will also not set correctly. J&A Services LLC has been installing concrete patios for years and can help you determine the best time of year to install your patio. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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