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Concrete Foundation for Your New Home Office Shed

Today many people find themselves working from home more and more. As such, they have come up with creative areas for their home offices. Have you considered installing a shed for your new home office? We are J&A Services, a concrete contractor in Lutherville, and we install concrete foundations and complete construction projects all across the Baltimore area. Read on to learn more!

Key Features to Consider for Your Home Office Shed

First and foremost, you want a sturdy shed that will last. That all begins with the foundation. You can count on enhanced strength and density of a concrete foundation, which translates to reduced water problems or possible leakage. Concrete foundations also provide fire resistance, design flexibility, and ease of maintenance.

However, building a home office with concrete blocks isn’t as simple as it sounds. You have to have multiple factors in mind. Key among them are:

1. The location

The first thing you should do is verify your area’s zoning laws to find out where homeowners are allowed to place sheds in backyards. Armed with the local regulations, you can comfortably decide on the best place to begin your home office project. Consider a place that’s close to utilities and not near trees.

2. Type of foundation and size of the shed

There are two foundation types to choose from: on-grade and frost-proof. On-grade concrete foundations don’t require deep holes and you can only use them for small to medium-sized constructions (up to 150 square feet.) On the other hand, frost-proof shed foundations support more weight since their construction requires digging deep holes and installing support piers. The foundations can accommodate a relatively larger office (>160 square feet.)

3. Customized options

Before calling your concrete contractor in Lutherville to lay the foundation, you should think what options you require for your customized home office. Consider windows to allow natural light. Additionally, don’t forget you will want to to run electrical lines and internet cables and install heating and cooling appliances.

Contact Your Trusted Concrete Contractor in Lutherville

At J&A Services, we are here to work with you as a concrete contractor and construction experts. Our other services include paver patios, masonry, and landscaping. No matter the kind of project you have, contact us today for a free estimate. We look forward to working with you!

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