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Concrete Floors for Updated Basements

Finished basements aren’t just great places to gather. Underground rooms tend to be cool in summer and retain heat in winter, so they’re ideal for areas with dramatic seasonal weather changes. Plus, they can add significant value to your home. Have you thought about finishing your basement? Do you need a concrete contractor in Towson to refresh the floors? If so, discover J&A Services. We are happy to discuss updating your basement. We can help you plan a new family room, an extra bedroom or two or even a spare bathroom. Read on to learn more about basement renovations.

An Underground Entertainment Area

A top idea: Turn that unfinished space into a home entertainment area where you can watch sports or movies on a big screen. Tweaking the room with a modern sound system can turn it into a home theater as well, with a sound system and a 120″ flat screen television taking up most of a wall. The kids will love playing video games on such a huge screen!

A Protected Music Studio

For those who are musically inclined, the basement is the perfect place to build a home music studio. The underground location will help keep the sound from bothering neighbors. And, designing the room to have proper acoustics will make your sessions sound and feel professional.

A Hidden Hideaway

Many people enjoy a “hidden” space to get away. A cozy room, it could be an office, a reading room, or even just a little room in which to play video games.

For those in Baltimore area wanting to renovate their basement, look no further. J&A Services is a top concrete contractor in Towson, serving the Baltimore area. We offer concrete services to replace or repair your basement floor. Additionally, we also provide construction services, paver patio installation, masonry, concrete work, and landscaping. Contact us today for more information.

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