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Check Snow Removal Off Your To-Do List

Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured every year trying to remove heavy snow. Did you know that over 11,000 children and adults are sent to the hospital each year with shoveling injuries? Injuries include broken bones, bad backs, deadly heart problems, and head injuries. Why not leave this cold, dangerous job to the professionals? If you need snow removal count on a construction company in Cockeysville. Contact the pros at J&A Services!

Common Injuries Endured While Shoveling

Most people are injured shoveling snow because they overwork their muscles, fall, or are hit with a shovel. Ligament, muscle, tendon, and other soft tissue injuries top the list of shoveling mishaps. Arms and hands are the most common body regions to sustain a bone fracture. Finally, people over 55 years old are most likely to suffer from heart issues after shoveling.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

When you hire a professional for snow removal, you won’t risk losing your balance while shoveling or suffering any sort of injury. With the busy lives many of us lead, the last task you want to complete is shoveling your entire driveway and stoop for an hour or two. You won’t have to spend precious time and energy shoveling when you leave that job to the pros. Enjoy the high-quality results achieved by professional snow removal services.

Construction Company in Cockeysville: J&A Services

J&A Services is a local, family-owned, and operated business serving the Baltimore area. We have 20 years of experience in pavers, concrete, masonry, and construction. Paver walkways, concrete retaining walls, wood and Trex decks, power washing, and landscape work are only a few of the services we offer. Regardless of the project you have, we are happy to meet with you and discuss it further.  Click here for a free estimate!

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