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Call a Masonry Expert to Repoint Your Bluestone

Beautiful bluestone lasts for a generation or more, but it does require some maintenance. If you notice weak areas or cracked mortar between the stones, repairs are necessary. Fall is a great time to get these repairs done because when winter weather comes, the snow and ice can cause even more issues. If you need a masonry company Lutherville to repoint your bluestone, J&A Service can complete the task. Read on to learn more!

Discover More About Bluestone

Bluestone pavers are available in various sizes and shapes. They can be cut in rectangles, squares, or have jagged edges and irregular shapes. Irregular shapes are best for free-form designs like walkways or stepping stones. Uniform stones are easier to work with when mapping out the designed area. However, shape and colors all come down to your taste.

Bluestone is attractive, durable, and complements almost every landscape. Sourced here in the United States, bluestone offers a non-slip surface. Additionally, whether you live in a hot climate or your area is prone to heavy snowfall, bluestone can tolerate weather fluctuations. The main drawback of bluestone is its price. Because it is all-natural and prized for its beauty, it is more expensive than other materials. Another fact to note is that the darker colors get hot so it is not recommended to use bluestone near pools or where you are walking barefoot. Finally, you must protect bluestone from damage caused by debris, salt, and chlorine.

J&A Services: Masonry Company Lutherville

As mentioned, bluestone does require some upkeep. For example, it may need to be repointed. Repointing is the process of renewing the mortar joints. Since mortar decays over time, water seeps between the stones causing damage. J&A Services, an expert masonry company, removes the deteriorated mortar from the joints and replaces it with sound mortar.

With over 20 years of experience serving clients in the Baltimore area, we have the knowledge and experience to provide quality results. We offer other services such as construction, concrete, and paver patio installation.  When you need a masonry company in Lutherville, or elsewhere in the Baltimore area, give us a call. For more information or for a free estimate, click here!

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