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Call A Masonry Company to Fix A Crumbling Foundation

Homeowners never welcome large repair bills. However, if you overlook the warning signs of foundation damage or keep pushing the repairs to a later date, you’ll face an even bigger price tag. Thankfully, help is available from J&A Services. When you need a masonry company in Edgewater to complete your repairs, call on us. We service customers across Anne Arundel County.

Look for Signs of a Failing Foundation

Exterior cracks, rotten wood, cracked tiles and nails popping out of drywall are a few signs of foundation problems. Large cracks with a zig-zag pattern mean there’s an issue with the foundation. If you have bricks and they’re protruding from the walls or they’re cracked, this is another issue. Piers and beams with rotten wood not only point to foundation damage, but also may indicate termites or carpenter ants. Or, it could be that the crawlspace is too humid. These are all serious issues and should be checked by a professional as soon as possible.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Foundation Repairs

When you put off foundation repairs, you sign up for more damage and higher bills. If you ignore foundation repairs, water damage and plumbing issues also may arise. Wooden structures are most vulnerable to water damage. When water penetrates cracks in basement walls and crawl spaces damage follows. Water pipes that run through floors and behind walls and water pipes below the foundation are all subject to bursting. The pipes below the foundation are particularly subject to breakage due to contraction that lifts the concrete slab and subsoil expansion.

Need a Masonry Company in Edgewater?

With over 20 years of experience the pros at J&A Services provide top-notch service for our customers. Reach out to us when you have concerns about your foundation. In addition to masonry work, we proudly install and repair paver patios, walkways and more. Check out our construction and landscaping services as well. Click here for a free estimate!


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