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Building Masonry Projects the Right Way

Are you thinking about updating the exterior of your home this summer or fall? Are your stairs starting to crack or does your backyard patio need an update? A new set of steps or a modern patio can instantly transform the exterior of your home. To accomplish either, you will need the support of a top masonry company in Baltimore County. Discover J&A Services, we are here to help!

Learn More About Masonry and Why You Need to Hire a Pro

Do you realize what kind of work falls under the umbrella of masonry? Essentially, a mason’s job involves anything with concrete, stone, mortar, or brick. Stone and concrete are the most common materials for outdoor walkways, landscaping, and retaining walls. Brick follows closely behind in popularity.

A lot of people think they can handle masonry jobs as DIY projects. However, the task is much more difficult than it appears at first glance. All masonry materials weigh a lot, so professional machinery makes a big difference when it comes to transporting goods. Additionally, footings, installation, repointing mortar, and mixing concrete are usually best left to a professional mason.

Top-Rated Masonry Company in Baltimore County: J&A Services

Masons know all of the tricks and tools of the trade and, more importantly, they have them at their disposal. They can properly move masonry materials and ensure the structure that any masonry structure is built on is properly supported. This step assures that the structure will not crack, dislodge, or even worse, lean and tip over. The masonry company will also take into account the temperature shifts in our area. They make sure to build all projects to account for the expansion and contraction needs of the type of material used.

If you are thinking about installing a new set of stairs, adding a retaining wall to your home, or building a new walkway or patio, your best bet is to work with a top-rated masonry company. J&A Services has been working with local customers for years. Contact us today a free estimate for your masonry job.

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