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Brick Vs Block Retaining Walls

A well-done retaining wall is always a great addition to a space. Whether to give structure to your slopy landscape or as a flood and soil erosion control measure, they certainly get the job done. They are fantastic investments, especially when done by an excellent masonry company in savage such as J&A Services.

What are the benefits of Retaining Walls?

In addition to solving your ‘slopy’ ground issues, some of the primary benefits of retaining walls include;

  • Durability
  • Increased property value
  • Functionality
  • Low Maintenance

What are the Material Options When Putting in a Retaining Wall?

Essentially, a wide ray of material options for a retaining wall exists. However, these materials vary in durability, ease of use while building, and overall aesthetics. Some popular options include bricks and blocks. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both.


Brick walls are a common sight in traditional property for both outdoor and indoor projects. It is naturally warm and adds an inviting effect to your landscape.


  1. Low Maintenance: Brick is relatively easy to maintain as it retains its original color for longer; thus, painting may be unnecessary.
  1. Durable: Bricks will last as long as you need them to. Although they are considered reasonably durable compared to stone, they certainly have better longevity than timber.
  1. Fire Resistance: A good brick wall can withstand temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit; thus, you can be assured of safety with a brick retaining wall.
  1. Eco-friendly: Brick is made from highly abundant materials such as shale and clay. Additionally, used brick can be reused to renovate sidewalks, pathways, etc.


  1. Relatively Expensive: Brick ranks higher when it comes to retaining building materials; thus, it can be relatively expensive.
  1. Limited Colour Options: A brick retaining wall can get pretty dull over time as there are little texture and color options for brick walls.
  2. Quite Heavy: Bricks are very heavy and hence quite difficult to use. Consequently, the installation prices for the brick retaining wall can be very high.


Block is a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts for numerous undisputable reasons. Thus, it is no surprise that you are likely to see more block retaining walls compared to their brick alternative.


  1. Lightweight and Easy to install: Blocks are pretty light and made to fit into each other perfectly. This makes them very easy to use compared to brick and other materials.
  1. Durable: Blocks are not only hard-wearing but also structurally sound. Additionally, they do not rot, thus being suitable for large-scale and small-scale projects.
  1. Versatile: If you are looking for flexibility in terms of style, a block retaining wall is a great pick. Blocks are efficient for various applications and available in various color options. They facilitate great finishes.


  1. Expensive: Blocks require other materials such as steel and concrete, which contribute to the higher installation prices.
  1. Labour Intensive: The requirement for different materials may be time-consuming and is best done by a reliable masonry company.

Masonry Company Savage MD

Brick or block retaining walls, there are undoubtedly numerous things to consider before choosing the right option for you. Whichever you go with, another important decision to make is the right masonry company to deliver the best. Our expertise in concrete never disappoints. Contact J&A Services and get a free estimate for your next project.

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