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Brick Veneer Problems and How a Reputable Masonry Company Can Help

Many property owners love the look of a brick home or business. However, before purchasing or building one, you need to be aware of the common issues with brick veneer. Brick veneer is a prominent building material that looks similar to a standard brick from the outside. However, if you slice the brick veneer wall open, you’d notice that the bricks are about an inch deep, meaning that the brick veneer isn’t structural. Brick veneers give a house a rich, beautiful look which is difficult to achieve using other siding materials. Although brick veneers provide a modern solution to make buildings classy like bricks, they are more damage-prone. These damages arise from various causes, including improper installation. However, hiring a masonry company in Havre de Grace to install the brick veneers properly and inspect them for the following problems can help.

All About Potential Brick Veneer Issues

Mortar Loss

If properly mixed and handled, the mortar can last for a long without falling apart. Sadly, some people don’t have enough experience in this field. For example, suppose a reputable masonry company doesn’t handle the job. In that case, the mortal might not properly mix, meaning it will be less strong, especially in cold temperatures that experience lots of thawing and freezing.

Water Damage Issues

As the brick veneer develops openings or cracks over time, it could become vulnerable to water. Water damage might still happen in new brick veneers if installed incorrectly. As we have stated above, a brick veneer is installed over wood frames, meaning that if water sips in between the wood and siding, it might result in wood rots.


Spalling refers to moisture seeping and freezing in the bricks that might cause expansion and cracking of the bricks. The brick’s outer layer may fall entirely if too much moisture seeps into the bricks and a lot of cracking happens.

Why Hire a Pro Masonry Company in Havre de Grace?

Brick veneer is a cheaper option of obtaining the same exterior appearance as a brick wall. However, it is affected by spalling, water damage, and mortar loss. Enlisting the services of a good masonry company in Havre de Grace for proper brick veneer installation is the best way to prevent these problems. Do you want brick veneers installed for your Havre de Grace home or business? Contact J&A Services today!

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