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Brick Repointing 101

Brick repointing involves the removal of worn-out mortar and refilling it with a new mortar. Repointing has an impact on the look and the strength of the masonry. If the process is done using inappropriate materials, it can damage the bricks or stones to result in costly repairs. Therefore, it requires an expert from an experienced masonry company in Lutherville to ensure the whole process is a success.

What Exactly is Brick Repointing?

Since the walls regulate water infiltration and evaporation, repointing can prevent water penetration through the exposed bricks or stone walls. Although brickwork is among the visible parts of the property, it may still be difficult to tell if it needs repair or repointing. As a homeowner, you should pay attention to how the walls look over time. When mortar joints begin to show signs of damage, such as crumbling or cracking, it’s time to consider repointing before the situation worsens.

If left unaddressed, more water can seep through the bricks, thereby weakening them. If this happens, some parts of the structure may detach from the rest. This can pose a safety risk because the building may be at risk of collapsing. That’s why it’s important to repair them sooner to ensure safety and avoid much more costly repairs.

Repointing for stonework becomes necessary when the mortar joints wear and tear, and stones start to become loose and may even fall. Failure to address the issue can result in rainwater infiltrating which eventually damages the stonework and can collapse. A professional should also repoint a stone wall as the work requires an experienced masonry expert.

How a Pro Can Repair Run-down Mortar Joints

Repairing mortar joints might seem like an easy DIY task task for homeowners. However, the work may require a set of tools and skills that only a professional has. When it’s time to repair mortar joints, talk to experts at the masonry company in Lutherville. An expert starts by removing the old mortar using a cold chisel and a hammer. Once it’s complete, a professional can use a stiff brush to remove all the dust then sprinkle water on the bricks or stones to hydrate them. When the new mortar is ready, the contractor can use a trowel to apply it to the gaps between the bricks. Once it’s complete, they will leave the mortar to harden for some time, then clean up the pieces that remained on the walls.

Find a Reliable Masonry Company in Lutherville

Looking for a masonry contractor? Feel free to contact J&A Services. We are a local, family-owned, and run company with over 20 years of experience in masonry, concrete, pavers, and construction. Our masonry services include block foundations, brick, and bluestone repointing. Give us a call today.

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