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Benefits of a Stone Fire Pit

Just because it is the onset of winter doesn’t mean you have to confine yourself inside. The masonry company Largo located in Baltimore has your back with the best aesthetically designed custom stone fire pit. Whether you decide to place it in the paver patio or any outdoor space within your home, a stone fire pit will offer you a getaway from the usual during the cold winter season. Can you resist the beauty a well-built stone fire pit can add to your outdoor living space? Doubtfully you can’t. Why? Because you will reap huge benefits of a stone fire pit during the winter months. But, do you want to know the benefits of a stone fire pit? Read on!

But before then, let’s discuss the benefits of having a paver patio with a fire pit.

So, what are the benefits of a paver patio with a fire pit?

Paver Patio with a fire pit help promotes bonding and socialization

If you are looking for a better way to cut the time your family spends on the television, having a fire pit on your patio is the right way. Having a fire pit on your deck is a great way to get your family outside and have fun as everyone talks about how their day was. Even your young children will realize that having talks while gazing at beautiful flames is much more fun than watching television.

Paver Patio with a fire pit provides a magnificent spot for entertainment

A fire pit offers an intimate atmosphere where you can spend time with family and friends. Additionally, you can grill some hot dogs and cheer easy snacks over the fire. Therefore, a fire pit can be a great addition if you want to add more space for fun.

The paver patio contributes to your overall outdoor beauty

Patios are great aesthetic features for any front yard. Incorporating a fire pit in your patio to complement the design is a significant way to curb appeal that will work wonders that make your home stand out from any other house on the street. Therefore, a fire pit in your patio will provide warmth during winter and act as a yard’s centerpiece.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of a stone fire pit and how it can extend the use of your outdoor space

A stone fire pit is more convenient than a fireplace

Perhaps you are wondering why you should need a stone fire pit if you already have a fireplace at your home. But imagine that a stone fire pit is far more convenient than a fireplace? When you use a fire pit, you don’t need to get an annual cleaning and inspection as in the case with a fireplace. You will enjoy the fresh air and warmth of a fire pit any time without worrying about how the fire affects your home.

Constructing a stone fire pit is cost-effective and requires less time

Building a stone fire pit is less costly as compared to a fireplace. Additionally, a stone fire pit requires minimal maintenance costs with long service. Moreover, when constructing a stone fire pit, the materials needed are locally available and cheap. Also, a stone fire pit is a project that you can complete within a day, so you can start enjoying it faster.

So, let’s briefly discuss the process masonry company Largo used to put in a stone fire pit

The first step is identifying the best site for your stone fire pit. Then, lay out the blocks and mark the pit location. Once you finish drawing, prepare the base by creating a trench. By use of a spade, dig a trench 12-inches deep. Then fill the channel by pouring a cement footing. After that, lay a firebrick inner wall as you level every course. Then fill the pit with 6-inches of gravel and insert the campfire iron ring into the pit circle. Continue to lay the capstones and the mortar until the wall reaches the desired height. Then it would help if you waited two days for the wall to dry before lighting the fire.

Of course, setting up a stone fire pit alone can be tiring and tedious, especially if you lack the basic knowledge to construct one. Thus, considering hiring a team of experts like masonry company Largo to help set up your stone fire pit is a better choice.

A stone fire pit constructed outdoors is safe for your home

Since it is built in your landscape and not in your home, an outdoor stone fire pit is the safest fire element within your home. A stone fire pit typically has gravel or pavers on the surrounding. The fire area is nearly tiny, and the fire cannot get too intense or high. Additionally, if any ashes or embers fall over the sides, they will hit the patio pavers, not the dry grass or leaves that can cause bushfire. Hence, you will enjoy your outdoor fire pit without worries about safety. Of course, you will still need to exercise caution when tending the fire.

A natural stone fire pit will give your home a compelling beauty and aesthetic look

There are a variety of designs you can choose and stones. A natural stone fire pit will elevate your home landscape and enhance your yard. Also, you can opt to include different combinations of natural stones that will give you a look that gives your home exterior the best look.

Bottom Line From a Masonry Company in Largo

The outdoor stone fire pit isn’t something you can enjoy during certain times of the year. You can light up a fire anytime and any day of the year. Now that you know the benefits of having a stone fire pit and the basics of building one, you can bring warmth, energy and inspiration to your yard! Are you still uncertain about constructing a stone fire pit by yourself? That’s ok. Stone fire pit building isn’t for everyone. The masonry company Largo can help you build a stone fire pit with gorgeous looks. Contact us today for assistance in lighting up those outdoor spaces in your yard!

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