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Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

If you are reading this, you have had enough stains, ruts, and cracks on your driveway. You are considering fitting a fresh one, and you are tone between asphalt and concrete. Concrete contractor Fallston has experience in making your driveway beautiful, and they know the excellent material for the driveway.

Both asphalt and concrete are a mixture of sand and stone. Installing asphalt and concrete entails laying both over a subtle of gravel. While you use tar to hold the component of asphalt together, you will need cement to fix concrete. The features of these adhesives, tar, and cement amount to the differences.

Choosing Concrete over Asphalt

Asphalt and concrete create beautiful driveways, but there are more reasons why you should choose concrete over asphalt. Here are some reasons as per concrete contractor Fallston;

  • Concrete gives you more visual options. Concrete can bear stains and tints, and you can stamp patterns into concrete and match your home’s colors.
  • Unlike concrete, asphalt needs sealing at least annually.
  • Asphalt is likely to deteriorate faster because of its soft consistency.
  • Concrete is long-lasting. It can serve you for 30 to 40 years; asphalt can last for 20 to 30 years. But if you are careless about maintenance, concrete may fail after a few years.
  • Concrete is long-lasting. It can serve you for 30 to 40 years; asphalt can last for 20 to 30 years. But if you are careless about maintenance, concrete may fail after a few years.

The Benefits of Installing a Concrete Driveway

As concrete contractor Fallston we recommend a concrete driveway because it is beneficial in the following ways;

Concrete is Long Lasting

Installing concrete on your driveway is more costly than installing gravel or asphalt. But as concrete driveway surfaces will outlast asphalt and gravel building material.

Concrete contractor Fallston will ensure your driveway has a solid foundation and drains water correctly. Also, they will use quality cement to give a durable driveway.

Concrete is Easy to Maintain

Some homeowners think concrete driveways are maintenance-free. But it is essential to clean and seal your driveway to ensure longevity. Cleaning entails using a stiff brush, pressure water, and a hose.
A concrete sealer is essential in adding a protective layer to the concrete surface. You need to apply the concrete sealer at least once a year. A clear concrete sealer will prevent the absorption of water and de-icing chemicals that might destroy concrete.

Concrete Reacts Best to Heat and Light

A concrete driveway absorbs minimal heat from the sun, and it is cooler than asphalt surfaces. Also, the Concrete driveways reflect light, reducing the need for extra lighting. Therefore, a concrete driveway will make your home more energy-saving in the coming years.

Concrete Installation Process and Maintenance

Concrete contractor Fallston will follow the following basic procedures to install a concrete driveway for you;

  • Visiting your property and ensuring conditions are ideal for paving. Concrete lasts longer on solid, level, and dry soil. Therefore, the contractor will advise you if there is a need for extra work.
  • Building form in the shape that the concrete will take.
  • Leveling the concrete using the screeding process.
  • Smoothing the Concrete surface.
  • Applying cure agent on your driveway.
  • Removing form and cleaning up after 7 to 10 days of curing the concrete surface.

Design and Layout Options for a Concrete Driveway

There are many layout options for driveways. But circular, curved, and straight driveways are ideal for your home.

The Circular Driveway

It gives you a clear view of the road. Therefore, it essentially eliminates the need to turn around to enter oncoming traffic in drive safely.

Curve Driveway

Its installation does not interfere with your trees and other features that you like to design your driveway around.

Straight Driveway

It is ideal when you have a long distance between the street and your home. Also, it gives you a state-like entrance, elegant enough to welcome your visitors.

Concrete Contractor Fallston

Installing concrete on your driveway sounds easy. But you will put more energy, time, and money into this great investment. It is wise to avoid handling the concrete installation as a Do it yourself project. Instead, contact Concrete contractor Fallston for professional installation of a driveway.

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