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Benefits and Options for Concrete Basement Floors

There are a lot of myths and stereotypes surrounding the concrete basement floor. While some people claim that they are cold and could predispose them to unhealthy living environments, others claim that they eventually crack. The earlier they cover it up, the better for their homes’ beautiful look. However, these misconceptions are untrue because engaging a quality will help give your floor a comfortable, crack-free sheen. The following are some of the realities behind false concrete basement floors stereotypes from a concrete contractor Columbia:

Bare concrete floors are not cold and damp.

It is one of the stereotypes that misinformed individuals peddle. Modern homes are perfectly built to avoid damp conditions. The current construction codes require the installation of a vapor barrier below the slab to avoid damp floors. If you feel cold during seasons like winter, you are advised to install in-floor radiant heat before the slap to regulate the temperature of your floor.

It is possible to avoid cracks in concrete floors.

The certainty of cracks is another misconception that people have over concrete floors. It is, however, untrue to claim that it is impossible to avoid cracks on concrete floors. An excellent concrete contractor Columbia will ensure that the construction of your floors is compacted enough to avoid developing cracks. In a situation where cracks persist, the solution is to use a polymer-modified cement-based overlay or adopt decorative treatments like stenciling and staining.
Benefits of concrete basement floors


Concrete floors, unlike carpet floorings and other options, last longer. With an experienced concrete contractor Columbia, your floor can last for decades.

Low maintenance

Concrete floors require low maintenance. Apart from the occasional mopping with a broom, there is virtually nothing else one is supposed to do with a concrete basement floor.

Concrete basement floor options

If you do not fancy a concrete basement floor, then painting and installation of tiles are the options. However, they will make you incur extra costs and efforts.

Concrete Contractor Columbia

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