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Asphalt or Concrete for Your Company’s Parking Lot?

Most people don’t put a lot of thought into parking lots unless the lot is full of holes and has poor drainage. Property managers must think about parking lots, though: primarily what material to use in building the lot. Their first call should be to a concrete contractor in Harford County to discuss material options.

Differences Between Asphalt and Concrete

The first item at which a property manager will look is cost. According to Home Advisor, an asphalt parking lot will cost over 50% less to build than a concrete lot. There are several other factors that are part of the decision-making process.

Why Asphalt?

Asphalt has a lot going for it: easy installation, it will last a long time with regular maintenance, and the lot will be ready for use immediately after installation is complete. Looking deeper, an asphalt parking lot has a shelf life of 25-30 if properly maintained. That means cleaning the lot at least twice annually and having it seal coated every three to five years.

The biggest negative about asphalt is that it can be a problem in temperatures above 100 degrees. The lot will soften, and it can become oily.

Will a Concrete Contractor in Harford County Tell Me Concrete is Better?

A contractor will tell you a concrete lot costs more to install but it will last as long as an asphalt lot without all of the maintenance costs. A concrete parking lot will look good with an annual power washing and having the joints sealed. Long term, the cost of a concrete lot will be on par with that of an asphalt lot.

The biggest negative about concrete lots is that they can’t be used immediately after installation. The concrete needs to be undisturbed for one week before use.

Any Other Differences?

Asphalt can be recycled; therefore, it is considered environmentally friendly. If a parking lot is made with porous asphalt, it will provide better drainage.

Contact a Pro Concrete Contractor in Harford County

Concrete parking lots can be installed with a custom finish in both color and texture, so the lot will stand out from other businesses. Your concrete contractor in Harford County will show you options. J&A Services offers free estimates: get yours today!

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