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Adding a Custom Paver Patio with Fire Pit

Don’t let cooler temperatures deter you from spending time outside. Now is a great time to create an outdoor living space with a custom paver patio. With a gorgeous new patio and a fire pit you can have gatherings outdoors no matter the season. If you’re looking for a paver patio contractor in Columbia, J&A Services is the company to call. We expertly install paver patios all over the Howard County area.

The Benefits of a New Paver Patio

A new paver patio expands your indoor entertainment area outside. Express yourself in your new space with a style that enhances your home and your yard. When you custom design the patio with a fire pit, it makes the area uniquely yours. During cool evenings the fire pit ensures that the area is warm. Not to mention, adding a fire pit has proven to be a great investment in your home. Potential new buyers love them!

Whether you roast marshmallows, enjoy a meal, or simply gather around the fire pit with friends or family, you’ll love your new patio. You will get a lot year-round of use out of the paver patio with a fire pit. Additionally, paver patios are low maintenance and extremely durable.

Pavers Offer Endless Personalized Options

Pavers come in shapes, colors, and textures to suit any taste. For an elegant look, consider a patio with built-in seat walls and surround the area with decorative cushions. Or, ring the fire pit with an intricate paver design to define the perimeters of the patio while offering a stylish appearance. For optimal comfort, opt for a sunken fire pit with an arched wall. You can sit on the ledge and add throw pillows for extra style.

J&A Services: Paver Patio Contractor in Columbia

Do you need to call a professional for expert paver patio installation? Discover the experts at J&A Services. We have 20 years of experience and offer many services such as concrete and masonry work, and we install wood and Trex decks. Call us for your gutter cleanups, landscaping services and more. For more information, contact us for a free estimate.

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