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A Pro Masonry Company can Restore Faded Brick

If you have brick on the exterior of your home, you might start to notice the colors fading over the years. The quality appearance of the bricks fades along with the color, but you don’t have to simply accept that lack of aesthetic. A professional masonry company in Pasadena can help you to restore your bricks to their former luster. Here are some of the methods they might use.

Masonry Company in Pasadena can Restore Brick


Sometimes, the bricks look old and faded simply because of the dirt that has added up on them over time. The first step to returning your home to its former appearance is to gently power wash the surfaces and clean off the dust and dirty. After power washing, the professionals might scrub off any discoloration with soap and stuff brushes.

Sealing Application

Old brickwork can look completely fresh and rejuvenated with a professional sealer application. The sealant is put on with special equipment that protects the bricks and returns the bricks to their former appeal while protecting their color for the long haul.

Address Issues

There may be other issues that lend themselves to the discoloration, like efflorescence, which is a salty, white substance that can form and add up on the bricks. The professionals can help you address moisture issues that can prevent this from occurring again before the bricks are cleaned and the sealants are applied.

Tuckpointing Processes

Tuckpointing removes some of the mortar around the bricks that has faded and puts in new mortar that will give your bricks a clean, well-maintained look in the joints.

Working with a Masonry Company in Pasadena

You might want to talk to the professionals at J&A Services to get a professional masonry company in Pasadena on the job when you notice that your bricks are looking less than pristine. There are many different routes you could take, and it’s a good idea to check into those options with experts who can give you ideas and choices to make as to what direction you want to take for your home’s future. Give J&A Services a call for a free assessment, estimate, and consultation and get your home’s bricks on their way to looking brighter and more beautiful in the near future.

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