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5 Reasons to Add a Deck to Your Home in the New Year

Have you been thinking about constructing a deck but have second thoughts? Most people do not see all the benefits of having a deck until they build one. You can find out from the construction company Edgewater beforehand what you are signing up for and what goes into the process.

Benefits of having a deck

• Increases square footage
• Boosts the resale value of the property
• Offers a refreshing and appealing aesthetic
• Reduces the area of the lawn which means less yard work
• Gives you an entertainment area
• Gives you the option of customizing your home into something phenomenal

Enjoy your new space with friends and family

If you enjoy hosting gatherings but find it difficult to accommodate people within, expanding your backyard to include a deck may be the answer. Host birthday celebrations, picnics with friends, and outdoor family dinners.

Why construction company Edgewater advises you to construct a deck during winter

Here is why constructing your deck during winter is a good idea;


The number one incentive to construct a deck during the winter slow season is to take advantage of a price reduction that may save you a lot of money. This serves not just the consumer because of discounted prices of materials, it also comes with a discount in labor since most carpentry doesn’t happen during the doesn’t.

Wood will stain better

The atmosphere is often more moist throughout the seasons of spring and summer. Timber tends to soak up moisture from the environment. Wood staining in humid circumstances may result in flaking and splitting. This makes it more difficult for the staining solution to penetrate the wood.

Your deck will be ready by spring

If you delay until April to install your patio, you may lose a few weeks of enjoyment. On the contrary, if you construct your deck during winter, it will be up and ready by spring, just when the sun is coming out. You will have enough time to customize your deck for hosting before spring starts.

It takes time to plan

After you’ve approved your deck layout, prints must be created and presented to the city to receive licenses. Permits for deck-building projects are now lasting from between three and a half weeks to a month. Choosing the materials to use might take more time than anticipated, but materials must be purchased before starting construction on a new decking installation. Using the winter season to ensure that all of these elements are in order makes it simpler to get the upcoming project off the ground and done on schedule.

Reduced lumber movement

Pressure-treated timber is used to construct decks. Because this sort of wood is saturated with dampness, it will cure during the first several months. If the weather is hot, it may take more time for the timber to cure. When the temperature is high, sunlight can deform the lumber while it dries. The wood will cure more consistently if you create your deck in the cold season. This is advantageous since you will avoid splitting and twisting.

What you need to consider for a new deck.

You may create your deck out of a variety of wood products. These components all contribute to diverse appearances, but most significantly, they determine the deck’s longevity. Softwood decking is a good option if you don’t mind doing annual maintenance for a low cost. Hardwood decking alternatives are excellent options if you want something a bit sturdier and don’t mind paying slightly more.
Other important factors you should consider include;
• Your budget
• The complexity and features of your deck
• Your location

Contact J&A

Constructing a deck requires professional input and assistance. While you might want to do it alone, construction company Edgewater can help you do it at an affordable rate and in record time. Contact J&A Services today to have your deck ready to enjoy before spring.

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