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3 Essential Fall Landscaping Tasks You Don’t Want to Forget

Every landscaper, lawn care enthusiast and the homeowner knows that fall brings significant changes to your yard. As the harsh summer heat begins to fade, lawn growth slows leaves change and fall, and prep-work must be done to ensure that your lawn is ready to withstand winter freezes.  Don’t find yourself with regrets come spring— as a top landscaping company bel air and beyond, we here at J&A Services can help ensure your lawn is at its best throughout every seasonal shift!

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. To help your lawn thrive, here are three essential tasks every landscaper should mark off their seasonal to-do list.

Test and Feed Your Soil

Though it largely remains out of sight, your soil shouldn’t be forgotten. As Home Depot notes, the soil is the most important element of healthy grass and plants. They recommend testing pH and nutrient levels now so you can get any issues under control ahead of springtime.

While you’re at it, aerate your soil to allow nutrients and water to reach your grass’s roots, and give the lawn a good feeding. This Old House reminds us that “grassroots keep growing until the ground gets down to around 40 degrees … so [fall] is a good time to feed them.” To get around doing all this heavy lifting yourself, you might also consider hiring a landscaping company for premium grass maintenance.

Keep Leaves Under Control

Not only can dead leaves be an eye-sore on a neat lawn, they can also bring more serious issues like pests or diseases to your grass. Don’t forget to rake your lawn regularly; you can even save your leaves to create your own mulch. In order to help prevent leaves from catching in your yard, mow your grass short one final time before winter.

Clean and Seal Hardscapes

Though your lawn is probably your main priority, your sidewalks, patios and driveways are a part of your landscape, too. After the summer sun and before the winter chill is a perfect time to power-wash those hardscapes and seal them to prevent cracks and damage in a freeze.

Hire J&A Services for a Landscaping company Bel Air

Located in Bel Air, Maryland, we can help maximize your lawn’s potential this fall season. Our company offers essential landscaping services, including mulching, planting, leaf clean-up, and more. With 20 years of experience, J&A Services can also serve as your premium contractor for concrete, masonry, pavers and construction. Contact J&A today for a free estimate!

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