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3 Benefits of Gutter Cleaning Every Homeowner Should Know About

Don’t overlook cleaning your gutters this year! Leaves and twigs from nearby trees collect in gutters and need to be removed regularly. If neglected, clogged gutters will cause irrigation issues, water damage, and attract pests. Gutter cleaning should be done during the spring and fall to get the maximum benefit. A construction company Towson can help!

Why hire a professional?

Professional technicians remove plant debris by hand and use pressure washers to get rid of clogs and mildew. Technicians may use specialized treatments to kill and reduce the spread of mold growth. Using a construction company to do this work for you will ensure you get the full benefits of proper irrigation and pest prevention.

Top Benefits of Professional Gutter Cleaning:

Proper Irrigation

Gutters that are working properly divert rainfall away from your house. This prevents water from pooling on your roof and causing water damage and wood rot. Putting these issues off for too long can threaten the structural integrity of your house.

Mold and mildew thrive in gutters that are not cleaned regularly. If you don’t take action to prevent the spread of mold, it can even enter your home.

Pest prevention

Cleaning your gutters regularly will make them less appealing to pests. Pests use the leaves as nesting material and the structure of the gutters for protection. Some of these pests include carpenter ants, wasps, and termites. You may not even notice you have a pest problem until they have entered your home! Working with a pest company to handle an infestation is pricey and time-consuming.

Longevity of gutters

Gutters filled with debris and water become heavy. Over time, heavy gutters sag and can even break. These issues are expensive to repair and are completely avoidable.

Construction Company Towson

Homeowners can avoid a lot of issues by getting their gutters professionally cleaned regularly. If you live in Baltimore, Howard County, or the Towson area, contact J&A Services to schedule a gutter cleaning service today. Get the benefits of clean gutters without the hassle of having to do it yourself.

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